Removable Appliance

Removable Appliances

Elite Dental Studio specializes in a variety of removable appliances custom made to order.

3-3 Spring
Athletic Mouth Guard
Multi-Color Mouth Guard
Bite Plate
Bite Plate w/ Incline
Bite Plate Added to hawley
Bleaching Trays/ Fluoride Trays
Bleaching Trays w/ Facial block out
Flipper w/ 1 Pontic ( No Clasps_
Hawley Retainer
New-Style Hawley Retainer
Invisible Retainer (Full Occlusal Coverage) 1mm
Invisible Retainer (Full Occlusal Coverage) 1.5mm
Modified Spring Retainer
Wraparound Retainer
Sagital-2 Way Screw
Sagital-3 Way Screw
Surgical Guide
Theroux Appliance
Upper/Lower Theroux Appliance w/ Upper Bite Plate
Twin Block
Twin Block w/ Screw
Vampire Teeth! Specialty Teeth
Remake Fee
Tooth Composite added to Invisible Retainer